Comfort Colors Mockups

Comfort Colors Mockups

Easily Display Your Comfort Colors Tshirt Designs with Mockups

So your customers are loving your tshirt designs on Comfort Colors shirts. You want to add more designs to your Etsy shop or website but it is so time-consuming.  You have to make an actual shirt with a new design, wasting time and inventory, and THEN try to get the shirt to lay perfectly so you can take a perfect picture for your listing photo.  Hours can be wasted and let's face it-your time is much better spent working ON your business instead of IN your business.


If you have never worked with mockups before, be prepared for your life to change.  A mock-up is simply a professional photo of a shirt that you carry in your shop.  For example, you offer Comfort Colors 1717 in Crunchberry. You find a mockup of this exact style and color, download the file, and add your design!  A mock-up is an image that you download of a completely blank shirt, so you can place your design on top of the file, making it look like it is printed on your shirt.  Are you following me here?  So with that ONE file/image of the 1717 Crunchberry shirt, you can use it over and over and over again..for as many designs as you want!


Mock-ups are a great way to test ideas with your customers to see what they like/don't like.  Because how many times have you thought "this is going to go viral" aaaaaaand crickets. And then you have the design that took you 2 seconds to make and you figured you would just throw it up on your site to see what happens and it becomes a best seller. I am all too familiar!


The best part is that you don't need any special software or design skills to use mock-ups.  You can add your designs for free on Canva or any photo editing software.  If your design is just text, simply type on top of your mockup! It really is that easy.


If you are an Etsy seller or have your own website, you KNOW how important it is to have great listing photos.  There is no shortage of sellers on Etsy selling the exact same thing, so having great listing photos is the best way to make your shop and your products stand out.  Great listing photos can be the difference of a customer clicking into your shop instead of someone else's.  


So try out some mock-ups and let me know what you think! I would love to see your designs in your shop or on Instagram so be sure to tag me @flowerchildmockups.


Have fun creating!






Comfort Colors Mockups for Tshirt Designs

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